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Great Blue Yoga is a wellness center that provides yoga and barre classes, workshops, private healing sessions, and Infrared Sauna Therapy. This space welcomes everyone at any stage of their wellness journey, and encourages compassion, connection and growth through community support. Great Blue Yoga is home to a yoga studio, sauna room and tea lounge. Join the journey and discover with others how to live a more connected, healthy and happy life.



Great Blue Heron

also known as a “wader” bird, symbolizes standing strong on ones’ own two feet through the waves of life. Just like yoga, the Great Blue Heron teaches us to stay present, discover balance, look below the surface, and follow our own path.

“The past decade I have followed the Great Blue Heron to the muddy waters of the Mississippi in Winona, through desert canyons of Utah, westward to the coast of California, and up the rivers of Colorado. Finally, I have landed back home to Amery, the City of Lakes. I feel incredibly grateful and honored for the opportunity to share the gifts of mindful, healing and empowering practices with my hometown community. “

Great Blue Yoga Owner, Alyssa Montana


“Love this place! Alyssa has created a beautiful, inviting space. The classes are varied and enriching. So glad to have a great yoga studio in Amery that has so much to offer!” - Michelle S

“Great studio to get your workout in and the infrared sauna is amazing! Such an amazing addition to Amery!” - Diane M

“The Great Blue Yoga studio is a unique and welcoming facility, a true asset to this community! Alyssa is a passionate and personable teacher and guide, as are the other instructors, as well. Personally, classes at GBY have been transformative; empowering, invigorating, and nurturing. My, what a treasure!” - Zoe R

“Love this studio and the lovely spirit it brings out in its practitioners!” - Pam H

“Great Blue Yoga and Alyssa are such an enormous blessing to the community. As a stay at home mama, her studio could not have opened at a more perfect time. Alyssa is an amazing teacher! The classes are hard but she always cheers you along and challenges you. So glad to have her in Amery!” - Lauren R

“The first class I attended I was hooked. if you want to learn how to meditate and look inward take one of Alyssa’s Yoga to Replenish classes.”
- Sharon C

“GBY and Alyssa are fantastic! Great little studio with a lot of personality! I am new to yoga and barre but Alyssa does a fantastic job helping out us newbies while still putting on a great class for the advanced. I highly recommend checking out GBY!” - Joy C

“What an amazing addition to our small town of Amery. Alyssa is wonderful and these Barre classes are no joke! Love it, Great workout!”
- Traci A

“Alyssa goes beyond yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, mala maker and Thai yoga massage- she is an intuitive genius and so incredibly connected to the divine energy within herself and those she practices on. She authentically has shown up to her true calling. Her work is based around the clients needs and founded in years of training and hands on practice. I personally feel like having Alyssa in my life is such a gift because she has inspired me, changed me and taught me so much! Gratitude to your work sister! Shine on!” - Hannah K