In general are known as stones with lower intensity and slower vibrational frequencies. This is not considered a defect, rather they are regarded as stabilizing and strengthening influences which can help one build a lasting connection with whatever energy pattern they desire. Agates help balance yin - yang energies. 

  • BLUE LACE AGATE: Beneficial for those who have difficulty making themselves heard and helps one "find their words" to share their highest truth. Helps one build confidence to speak up in any situation. Excellent for those working with affirmations, as it magnifies the effects of our efforts. 
  • MOSS AGATE: Moss agate assists those feeling ungrounded or unstable. It enhances mental concentration, persistence, and promotes abundance and strength in all endeavors. Allows one to see the beauty within every being and situation. Used by Native American Indians as a power stone to promote growth in crops.