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Info Session: Optimizing Health Through Lifestyle Series

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INFO SESSION: Optimizing Health Through Lifestyle 6 Week Series

Join Denise Watson and Ed Hagen for an info session on their newest series, Optimizing Health Through Lifestyle! This series will start January 2020 and is a 6 week group coaching program that examines the top lifestyle behaviors to achieve optimal health and reverse chronic disease.

Session Topics:
- Circadian rhythms
- Sleep
- Gut health
- Stress
- Toxins and nutrition
- Mindfulness

Option 1: Thursday 10/24 at 7:15 PM
Option 2: Saturday 11/16 at 10:30 AM

Each session is designed to build on the information from the previous session. This program is for anyone who wants to learn the latest science on how to prevent illness for themselves and their families, or reverse existing symptoms and disease!

Experts are now stating that only 5-10% of chronic disease is due to genetics. The majority of chronic disease is epigenetic (meaning above the gene). It is caused by our lifestyle; our daily choices, behaviors and the environment that we live in. This means that we have control over our health as long as we are educated on the foundational aspects of what creates optimal health! HINT: It may not be what you've previously been told.

The Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine requires that patients who make an appointment to see a doctor must first complete a 10 week diet and lifestyle program. After completing this 10 week program, over 66% of those patients no longer had the symptoms that caused them to schedule their appointment with the doctor.

Join Denise and Ed in this info session, ask questions and meet a group of seekers interested in taking control of their health too!


Dr Ed Hagen DO
Medical Director at Vivify Integrative Health
Dr Ed Hagen DO is board certified in OB GYN, which he practiced for 25 years, and he is also board certified in Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

He is an expert in helping men and women optimize their health and reverse chronic disease. He is able to do this by taking the time to listen to their health stories and educating them about their health concerns. His goal is to uncover the root cause of their symptoms and provide natural solutions to help reverse them.

Denise Watson, Health Coach
Denise worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist for 25 years before becoming a health coach over 10 years ago. She uses her knowledge of human health, human behavior and the laws of nature to educate clients on the lifestyle and environment that help them to achieve optimal health.