NICHA Health Insurance Reimbursement

Great Blue Yoga has partnered with National Independent Health Club Association (NICHA) to reward you for your commitment and dedication to self-care. After registering with NICHA you will be eligible for a $20 refund from you insurance company for simply attending 12 classes per month. Check out details below and follow button to NICHA to register for free today!

Health Insurance Companies Included:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

  • Health Partners 

  • Preferred One

    Sanford Health Plan 

Receive a $20 reimbursement for attending yoga and barre classes!

  1. Become an auto-pay member (MONTHLY OR 6-MONTH CONTRACT)

  2. Register as a NICHA member (FOR FREE)

  3. Attend yoga or barre classes 12x a month

  4. Receive a $20 direct deposit to your bank account from your health insurance company


  • Insurance Card

  • Bank Account Routing Number

  • Studio Barcode or ID
    (email to receive your code)